Pivot with Purpose

It’s no secret that the past two months have been challenging for everyone. Life and business has changed – but changing is not always a bad thing; it just means things will be different.

A lot of business and marketing experts are using the word pivot; it’s the newest buzz word.  

I get it.

I like the idea of pivoting; it sounds catchy and action-oriented.

As action-oriented people, the thought of pivoting sounds empowering.

However, I think it’s important to pause before you pivot and make sure you pivot with purpose.

Don’t just pivot because it’s what “they” are telling you to do.

Pivot because the direction you plan to move in is going to be with purpose and intention.

The thing is, yes, we are in a global crisis.

Yes, your business probably has been impacted. Some have reported massive increases in online sales while others are reporting massive declines.

I might get some backlash on this one, but I’m going to say it anyway,

Whatever’s happened in your business over the past eight weeks is temporary. The rapid increase or decrease won’t last forever. 

What you choose to do next, how you decide to move forward, and how you respond instead of reacting to the fear and uncertainty around us is what matters. 

Pivoting is good. Who doesn’t love a little pivot? It makes the dance more fun.

But if you choose to pivot, do it with purpose and intention.

Don’t pivot just because they are telling you that is what you need to do. 

Maybe you need to keep going forward? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this….respond and let me know.

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