Sh*tty and Spectacular of Life Secluded

Everything isn’t sh*tty. Nor is everything spectacular. 

Secluded life has shown us this. 

Last week I had a girls night…on Zoom. 

Eight weeks earlier, we were in a restaurant being served good food and even better drinks. We laughed till we cried and laughed some more. 

We left well-nourished. 

We didn’t know how things were about to change. 

The next week schools started to close. 

Six weeks into quarantine, we met again. Seeing each other was needed. But it wasn’t the same.

A burst of inspiration came as I revealed the name of my new made-up-game, Sh*tty and Spectacular. Everyone was to share a struggle and a positive.

While we each had different degrees of sh*tty and spectacular, we all had something to contribute. 

You see, we are all going through hard times. Most likely, you’ve experienced something sh*tty during seclusion. I’ve certainly had my share of sh*tty droppings.

We don’t have to live a sugar-coated life. It’s OK to acknowledge the hard stuff. We just can’t live in it. 

Let’s not sit in the sh*tty. 

When sh*tty things happen, how do you move forward? How do you smell the roses? 

Find the spectacular. Remember the spectacular. Embrace the spectacular, even if it’s only tiny specks. 

Specks of glitter still sparkle. Specks of glitter linger, they don’t go away easily.

Let this be true for your current secluded life. You’re not expected to have splashes of spectacular. However, it’s essential to see the specks. Specks still sparkle.

Don’t share for a pity or flashy party. Now is not the time for pity or flashy. 

Share the sh*tty to air things out. Share the spectacular to remember all there is to be grateful for. 

Acknowledge both are there. Sweeping the struggles under a rug won’t mask the smell. Airing things out helps. 

Seeing the spectacular is like planting seeds in your garden. The more you see, the more that grows. 

When sharing your sh*t, find the specks of sparkle. 

The specks can be the spectacular.

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