Prayers & Petitions for My cancer Warrior

This isn’t a book I wanted to write, and I imagine it’s not a book you want to read.

If you are like me, when someone tells you they are fighting cancer, you respond with “I’ll pray for you” or “You’ll be in my thoughts.”

Then you feel like an imposter, as you wonder to yourself “what does, I’ll pray for you,” even mean?

I get it.

Which is why I finally did write & publish this book, Prayers & Petitions for My cancer Warrior.

My amazing aunt Cheryl Arbour, is the real super hero & Warrior – seriously, words cannot begin to express the love and admiration I have for her.

She told me “You never capitalize cancer, because cancer doesn’t deserve a capital c.” Which is why cancer is never capitalized in this book.

Sharing this book, I wish I could promise these prayers will cure everything. Unfortunately, you and I both know that’s not how cancer works.

I’ve learned that prayers are powerful & can bring peace, strength, healing, and comfort during the hardest of days.I learned that our prayers matter.

Your prayers matter.

If someone you love is fighting cancer, I wrote this book for you & your cancer Warrior.

This book is for the person sitting on the sideline watching a loved one transform into a cancer warrior. For the person who wants to say “You’re in my thoughts and prayers” and mean it. For the witness to the warrior’s battle who refuses to feel helpless.

To the person looking to understand the unique battles cancer warrior’s face and wanting to pray with meaningful intention, this is for you.

It’s only human nature to want to take the suffering away. This is where using Prayers and Petitions for My cancer Warrior can help.

A few of the prayers include:

  • The Diagnosis
  • Can I Ask for a Miracle?
  • For the Medical Team
  • For the Physical Pain
  • For the Loneliness
  • Trusting the Unknown
  • The Return of Cancer

And more

As your Warrior is fighting their battle, use these prayers to facilitate a conversation with God. Even if you don’t receive the answers you’re looking for, I promise He’s listening.

$1 every book sold will be donated to an organization helping cancer Warriors.

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