Assume Yes

My seven-year-old and a friend were negotiating for more playtime.
I told them I was okay with it, yet I wasn’t sure the other mom would be.

My exact response was, “Be prepared that she’s going to say no.”

Mattie (my daughter) looked at her friend and said, “Let’s not think about the no’s!” 

She reminded me of something COVID has been trying to make me forget…believe in the yes. 

Turns out, they were right.

The other mom said, “Yes!” to their request for more playtime, proving that positive thoughts & a YES attitude works. 

What would happen if you didn’t think the answer might be no? 

What if you assume the answers will be yes? 

What would you do? Share your response! 

P.S. On Saturday, I sent the book I’ve been working on, Prayers and Petitions for My cancer Warrior to a potential publisher. I’m sharing with you today because I’m assuming they are going to say, “Yes! We want to publish this!” stay tuned! 

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