Dear Washington…

Dear Washington,

As 2020 comes to an end and before we enter 2021, here’s a proposal from an average American: 

Take a team retreat. 

We are not talking about R vs D going to separate locations. Nope ? this is something you need to do together.

This retreat will have all the cheesy things you think you are above participating in, including:

?Randomized team selections 

?The trust tree 

?Zip-lining and jumping off cliffs 

?Therapy, LOTS of therapy – air out all the feelings 

?Writing of feel good, kind notes to each other 

?Hugs (you will all be tested for COVID before and ya gotta hug) 

?Evening barn fires and skits 

?S’mores & singing (you will sing Kumbaya) 

?You cannot come back to Washington till you to start listening and respecting each other.  We don’t expect you to agree on everything, but you must start leading with respect 

There will be no:




?toilet paper (we were threatened with this one, I think you need to see how it feels) 

I approve of the use of my tax dollars to make this happen. Share and comment below if you agree ❤️??


An Average American

P.S. Additional suggestions include daily yoga and meditation. There will be a talking stick. The person holding it gets to speak for an allotted amount of time then has to pass it to others.

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