Don’t Quit, Not Today, Anyway

Don't quit, not today anyway

The World Needs You to Keep Showing Up

Don’t give up on that thing you’ve been working on.

The commitment you’ve made to yourself.

The dream you want to achieve.

The day you are trying to get through.

Don’t quit.

Not today, anyway.

When life gets hard and you get tired, take a break. Reach out for support, call a friend, take a nap, go for a walk.

Step back. Clear your head.

Nourish your body. Fuel your soul. Whatever you do, don’t quit.

Something inside of you inspired you to get started. Which means you have what’s needed to keep going.

Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper or expand our wider search to find what we’ve been looking for.

It’s there.

I know it is.

That thing you believe in, that thing you are working for is gonna happen. 

It might not turn out how you imagined. Actually, it’s almost guaranteed not to turn out how you thought it would. But if you keep showing up, and staying true to your soul, you will see why you worked through the long days and hard nights.

You’ll see how far you’ve come and remember when you thought things would never improve. You’ll recall each time you almost quit, yet something inside you whispered, ‘don’t give up.’

And you’ll smile. 

You smile because you are proud of yourself. Proud of the person you’ve fought to become.

Keep going. I believe in you.

Don’t not quit, at least not today.

You got this!

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