As a registered dietitian nutritionist with over twenty years in the health and wellness industry, my passion is rooted in connecting with people.

Helping to elevate others up in how they nourish their mind and body is what fuels me.

Seeing others perform better in their life sport, give better in their work and community, and live better in their bodies keeps me stepping to the plate.

In 2008, I started Food Therapy, with a vision to serve my clients using a fresh and holistic approach to nutrition counseling. Knowing no matter how similar people thought their nutrition and health needs were, a cookie-cutter meal plan did not work. From the beginning, cookie-cutter meal planning was not my jam.

I prided my practice on being able to address the whole person – their personality, lifestyle, family, and career – as integral parts for creating a successful plan that fuels and nourishes.

Initially working in sports nutrition, weight management, and food sensitivities, I evolved to using a non-diet approach with fueling and helping clients recover from disordered eating. 

My work has taught me that nourishing an elevated life goes beyond food. 

Taking a creative and very personal approach, I help my clients learn to fuel and nourish their minds and body.

My philosophy is simple when you feel when on the inside, you can the nourish and elevate those around you. And that right there is how we can all begin to make a difference in this world we live in.

As the Eat Fit Acadiana Operations and Marketing Dietitian, I collaborate with local chefs, restaurant owners, and community leaders to increase awareness and improve access to healthy foods.

As a writer, nutrition entrepreneur, and founder of Customized Nutrition Newsletters, I help create content that elevates the work of other busy professionals.

In 2010 I wrote my first book,”The Little Black Book of Foodspirations®” which was followed by Foodspirations ®, my inspirational card, and print line. 

As a wife, mom, daughter, and friend, I love nothing more than laughing and connecting over a good meal. 

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