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Derailed in 2020

Last week I received an email:

Feeling derailed after the hurricane and the anxiety that comes with feeling off track, worrying about what I possibly gained, will it come off, etc. likely some 2020 fatigue too… 

Struggling with where to strike a balance. Can you help?


Derailed in 2020

Here was my response:

Dear Derailed in 2020,

Here’s the thing, 2020 has been a crappy, overwhelming, sh**show of a production. If you’ve not felt derailed from all that’s happened, I’d be concerned.

Nonetheless, you’ve continued to persevere and move forward. Don’t tell yourself otherwise. 

Falling into unhealthy habits can make us feel not so great. 

You have a choice to stay on this path because it makes you feel good temporarily OR you can start to turn around, one-step-at-a-time. 

Avoid looking at how far you have to go. This will only leave you feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed into inaction. 

Start with the next right step. 


Slow down.

Believe you have the strength to keep going.

Understand you don’t have to go at an all or nothing pace.

Be patient with yourself, your body, life, and the people around you. 


If what you are doing is not working – try something new. Outdoors and sunshine are essential for our health.  

Let’s face it, 2020 was delivered missing the structure humans crave.

It’s teaching us to give up the control we so desperately want. 

There’s much we don’t have charge over; recognize this. 

However, we can be the boss of: 

-> our thoughts 

-> how we respond to stress 

-> what we choose to avoid because we know it doesn’t make us feel good.  

Own your inner bossiness.

You got this!

Yvette Perrier Quantz

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