Vitamin F, P, and T…

Vitamin D, F, P, and T

Vitamin D is known for its mood-boosting superpowers. The research connection between depression and lack of sunshine is real.

What about vitamin F, P, and T? 

You’ve probably never even heard of them, yet these ‘vitamins’ are just as essential for your mood and productivity as the sun is for your bones and brain.

Here’s the scoop: 

Vitamin F – Family, Friends, Fun, Faith, Food, and Football. Yes, all of these are necessary for your overall health and well-being. The recent news about Power 5 Football season is enough to throw anyone into a funk. However, the thing about Vitamin F, is you can get it from other sources. Spending time with family, friends, having fun, keeping your faith, and eating nutritious foods can make up for the football deficiency. How have you been taking in vitamin F over the past few months? 

Vitamin P – People, Play, Pets, Patience, Persistence, and Practice. Humans are social beings, therefore spending time with others, engaging in play, and loving on pets can be a quick fix when feeling down in the dumps.

Working on a personal or professional goal? Patience, persistence, and practice are a prerequisite to achieving anything worthwhile.

When it comes to living a life you are passionate and proud of, make sure you are getting a variety of vitamin P! 

Vitamin T – Trust, Teamwork, Tears, Trials, and Tunes. Vitamin T is a tricky one. The first four I listed are often faced with resistance, after all, trust, teamwork, tears, and trials – can be scary to embrace. Yet the benefits from of these sources of vitamin T far outweigh the risk. Don’t be afraid to let them sink in. 

As for tunes, my brother and teen reminded me of the importance of a good playlist. Good music is known for its ability to shift the mood and change any dull day into something worth celebrating. 

How do you dose up? Either send me an email at yvette@yvettequantz.com or comment below!

P.S. If you are wondering why you’ve never heard of these essential vitamins before it is because this is the first report of their value. This is based on my own research through personal and professional development as well as work with clients.

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