The Purpose of Pain?

Today I’m sharing something I wrote about twelve months after my hip surgery. From being unable to walk without keeling over in pain to being back to most things, yet some things will never be the same, and learning that maybe that’s okay. Healing and recovery happen. 

Given the current situation, I think we can all use a reminder about healing and recovery. 

Accept where you are today. 

Accept that you might not go back to where you’ve been, and maybe that’s the whole point.  

Start where you, just as you are, perfectly imperfect. 

Wounded, not broken. Injured yet healing. Alive and able to take the next step forward. 

You might not know what you’re rebuilding, and that’s okay. 

It might not be clear as to how it’s all going to come together, yet you know you must keep moving forward. 

One step at a time. 

One sunrise. 

One sunset. 


Day by day, you get stronger. 

Strength brings clarity. 

Wounds were not created to harm, but to teach and remind you of where you’ve been and where you’re going. 

Pain isn’t without purpose. 

Maybe the pain was there to protect and guide you?

Wounds heal. 

The body repairs and recovers. Rarely are things ever mended back to how things were before.

Something always comes back stronger. 

It might not be what you thought you wanted, but somehow it’s what you needed. 

The pain, the setback, the injury, the wound, they were never designed to stop you. They only wanted to teach you and guide your next step.

The pain was never without purpose. 


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