Believe to receive

You see, I’ve recently gotten into the rhythm of doing this dance with doubt and fear. It’s not something I’m proud to admit, nor is it something I ever recommend. But it happened. 

The more doubt and fear would invite me in, the more comfortable I became following their lead. 

They could get me to move my feet to their beat with a sly eye, smirk, or wave. That is until I’d catch my head and remember these goons are not in control. 

Fed up with this routine, I decided there was no more time to dance in this same circle. 

The only way forward is to believe. 

And so I started repeating this mantra: believe to receive.

Not only did I repeat this personally, but I shared it with my family. Over the past few weeks, every time doubt or fear has tried to step in, we have countered it with: ya gotta believe to receive ✨✨✨

And guess what. It’s working! 

If you can relate to falling into the rhythm of dancing with fear and doubt, I want to challenge you to find a new rhythm to follow. 

When doubt wants to creep in, lean in & trust. Keep the faith. 

And believe you’ll when the time is right, you’ll be given what you need to achieve what is calling you. 

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