Be Still and Know

His mind was flooded with the “thoughts” again.

Fear and worry started to consume him.

Was doomsday really going to happen?

Then he heard…

“What are you so scared of? Have I not taken care of you up to this point already?

Lean in.

Listen as I calm your mind and comfort your fears.

Maybe I am not calling you to do anything right now. I know how hard this is for you, you think I created you to be a great doer and fixer of all things that are broken. But that’s not your purpose. That was never my plan for you.

You’ve gotten so used to doing and fixing things that you’ve forgotten how to be.

I need you to learn to be.

Be with me.

Trust me.


Be still and know, I got this.”

He turned off the news.

He asked for help in surrendering his fears and worries.

He stepped outside, took a breath, and decided, even if it’s only for today, he will be.

At least this is the story that I heard and wanted to share with you.



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