Emailing Humans

About 13 years ago, I had this idea for an email newsletter service for nutrition, wellness, and health experts. I started this because I saw changes happening in our industry. Personal brands such as Jillian Michaels and Clean Eating guru, Tosca Reno, were emerging with offers to improve my health landing in my inbox every week.

At first, I felt threatened. What if these online pros spammed me out of work?

Then I remembered the words of my father, “Always remember, no matter what industry you think you are in, you are in the people business.”

“Always remember, no matter what industry you think you are in, you are in the people business.”

Jim Perrier

There was no denying, things were going online.

However, I also knew that the clients I served were humans, and it’s part of our nature to connect with other humans.

Yes, being online was going to be necessary. But, we were still in the people business.

I couldn’t stop businesses from luring people to their website with promises of weight-loss wonders and quick-fix solutions.

What other businesses were doing online was out of my control. I could either choose to pout and throw a pity party about everything that was wrong with these online wonders.


I could remember the person in front of me who was seeking out my professional guidance and support on their very personal issue.

Something inside me screamed, “While the internet is certainly here to stay, the need for human connections isn’t going anywhere!”

“While the internet is certainly here to stay, the need for human connections isn’t going anywhere!”

Yvette Quantz

People need people.

People want to connect with people.

I found myself asking, “How can I help my profession enhance their connections with their clients?”

Customized Nutrition Newsletters was born, through the belief that no matter how technology evolves (and it will), the need for human connection isn’t going anywhere.

This has become even more apparent during these unprecedented times. Social distancing has had us pivot in the way we maintain our human connections.

As we evolve in using more technology to enhance the way we work, I hope we remember we are still working with humans.

Don’t let the shiny promises of seamless sale solutions make you forget this.

Digital marketing, emailing, newsletters, lead magnets, social media, etc can be fabulous tools to enhance and grow your business. There is no arguing this. After all, I started a whole nutrition and wellness e-newsletter business.

Still, email and social media posting won’t replace human connection.

It CAN enhance connections and engagement. But done with the wrong intention, it can also harm long term relationships.

Email streamlines how we connect and communicate with others. It’s another way of talking with people.

When someone opens their inbox, think of it as them giving you space in their home.

What are you bringing to the table?

Are you bringing information with educational content?

Are you sharing a new recipe?

Are you inspiring with your words?

Are you giving space to listen to your readers?

Or are you just selling another ad?

Think before you send.

There’s nothing wrong with selling, for life itself is the act of giving and receiving. Sales are simply another transaction.

Do you want to be like the door to door salesman, you know, like when the customer turn off the lights, pretend their not home, and hoping you go away?
Do you want to delight your subscribers when the ping of your email arrives in their inbox?

Remember this when hitting send, you’re emailing another human.

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