Making Frenemies With Resistance

grow through resistance

I used to think of resistance as my enemy. That is until I learned to use resistance for my good. 

Resistance became a frenemy. 

I still get annoyed when resistance appears, but I’ve discovered that something new and good always emerges when stepping into the unknown or uncomfortable. 

Making friends with resistance means resistance is no longer in charge. 

Initially, resistance may cause you to shrink; it’s only because resistance wants to challenge you to dig in and discover your possibilities. 

When you work through it, you’ll grow through it. 

By facing your resistance, you’ll rise.

What are you resisting that you could lean into today? 

How can you use resistance as a frenemy that is challenging you to elevate in your life and beyond? 


P.S. Making resistance to my frenemy had me finally update my newsletter format, so I share content and resources to nourish your mind, body, business, and beyond in one place. P.P.S. Please don’t allow resistance to let you shrink. Lean into something that makes you uncomfortable today and watch what happens. 

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