Connecting Over Corona

As I write this, I wish we were connecting over a cold Corona or knocking back a cool kombucha.

Except we’re not.

connecting over corono


I know nothing more about the coronavirus than what is being shared by the media; I won’t even go there.

On the other hand, I’ve been observing how, why, and where people connect for most of my life.

We are in a global crisis that is threatening our ability to connect. 

Or is it? 

During this time of uncertainty, as fear tries to take over, shutting us down, holding us back, preventing us from moving forward, it’s important to remember **connecting is an integral part of being human.**

There’s no skirting the issue, the way we connect will look different for the time being.

In-person, meetings might be rescheduled.

Travel plans postponed.

Handshakes could be outlawed.

Yet thanks to technology and the basics of being human, the ways to connect are endless.

Share a smile through the screen.

Lend an ear on the phone. 

Express your voice with your words.

Extend kindness through your eyes.

Offer support through what’s possible.

Replace a handshake with hello.

Whatever you do, don’t stop connecting with others.

People need you.

You need people.

We need each other.

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