Thank You for Your Work

On this day of thanksgiving, I thank you for being part of my community and encourage you to carve out time to express gratitude for your work.

Thank yourself for continuing to showing up, for practicing, advancing, and sharing your professional skills.

Give gratitude for having a career that allows you to educate and inspire others to live better through good food and movement.

Know that your work is a gift.

Step outside of the comparison trap and know you are enough. Stop comparing yourself to others. Maybe they are doing the work you dream of doing one day, yet perhaps they’re in another season of life or have a different calling from you?

Instead, I invite you to celebrate the success of your colleagues while honoring yourself. By doing this, you’ll minimize working out of fear, anxiety, or worry and instead will move forward in truth, service, and trust.

Thank YOU for showing up another day.

Thank you for being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and following your calling.

Thank you for remembering you have something worth sharing.

Thank you for educating and inspire others to live a healthier, stronger, and purpose-filled life.

Thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities and humanness.

Thank you for sharing your newsletters, blog posts, Pinterest styled recipes, Instagram worthy photos, and inspirational tweets with your Facebook fans.

Thank you for inspiring, supporting, and encouraging me to keep showing up.

Thank you for using your gifts and talents to make this world a better place.

Thank you for being you!

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