Perfectly Planned

Perfectly Planned delivery of baby Jesus

As nostalgic as it sounds, I can’t imagine Mary dreamed of having her baby in a barn. Being surrounded by animals and hay probably wasn’t how she planned her delivery would go. 

Yet when the time came, she had peace and understanding she was where she was supposed to be. 

Through her faith, she trusted there was a plan. 

Today the baby born in a barn is still the most celebrated of all. 

Each year both beautiful and simple nativities are set to remember and honor this glorious birth. However, I don’t believe these scenes we create genuinely represent what happened on that holy night. 

Still, I can’t picture baby Jesus being born any other way. 

Mary couldn’t have planned a more perfect delivery than the story we know. 

This year, my nativity has been a reminder that the best stories rarely follow how I think things are supposed to go.  

And while 2020 isn’t the first time someone has tried to tell me I’m not the one in control, it might be the first time I’m beginning to listen.

If your year has been anything like mine, I hope the story of Mary’s unplanned delivery reminds you to keep the faith and trust there’s a plan. I believe there’s a great story being written for you and I to share. 

Wishing you a peaceful season,


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