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The 4-Letter Word – WORK?

The words by David O. McKay, “The privilege to work is a gift. The power to work is a blessing. The love of work is success.” remind me that working is a privilege, gift, and blessing.

At my core, I believe these things. I imagine you do as well. 

Yet sometimes work can feel like a 4-letter word. (Yup, I just wrote that.)

Can you relate? 

As a mentor once told me, sometimes work is, well, work. 

It can be hard and challenging. Work can be uncomfortable and, at times, may feel inconvenient. 

Sometimes we don’t want to do the work needed to reach the end result. 

Just because your work may not always be filled with the joy of emotions the online world wants you to believe, it doesn’t mean your work isn’t important. 

Actually, it’s the exact opposite.

You showing up for the hard stuff is what makes the work you do so valuable. 

Imagine what terrible predicament we’d be in if everyone decided to stop working just because it was hard and uncomfortable? 

Let’s not even think about that. 

Do I believe we have to love every minute and part of the work we do? 

No, that’s an unrealistic expectation for ourselves and our work.

I’ll even go as far as to say that this thinking is an injustice to society.

Do I believe and hope that we can love the mission and purpose of our work? 


As we conclude this national holiday, it’s important to remember why we honor Labor Day. Today is about celebrating the work, contributions, and achievements of American workers.

The work that was done, the sacrifices made, the grit, and perseverance learned to create this nation. 

This isn’t a political post – so please don’t go there. 

This is about the work of your hands, and mine.

The work we were called to do.

The purpose we were created for. 

The reason we wake up and keep moving forward. 

As you start a new week, I hope you can take a minute and reflect on the privilege, gift, and blessing of your work. This is where we’ll find the love of our work, and in love, even on the hardest of days, we find success. 

Thank you for the work you do!

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