The Not So Sweet Stuff….


What an awkward word. Just writing about it makes me a little uncomfortable ?. 

There are many reasons we don’t like to face the uncomfortable, and there are even more ways we avoid being uncomfortable. 

But the truth is, ignoring the uncomfortable never makes anything more comfortable.

Instead, it leaves us at a standstill. 

Trying to run from the uncomfortable often leaves us stuck in place. 

In the world of social media and online brands, it’s become easy to edit, filter, or ignore the things that bring discomfort. 

COVID culture has made it even easier to avoid the uncomfortable. Social distancing rules means fewer human interaction, and while sometimes, it might feel safer because, “Whew, I can avoid all those uncomfortable situations or conversations.” It also means we are not allowing ourselves to grow into new possibilities. 

Life was never promised to be easy or even comfortable, but it was promised to be worth it. 

Don’t be afraid of the difficult days. 

You’ll grow through them. 

Where do you start when working through the uncomfortable? 

  1. Acknowledge it
  2. Talk about it
  3. Ask for help when needed

The thing is, ignoring uncomfortable things or conversations, not only are we doing a disservice to ourselves, but we are doing a disservice to each other. 

No matter how successful someone appears on the outside, they have their own level of uncomfortableness. 

Facing the uncomfortable makes us grow. We learn through the discomfort. Wounds can heal when the pain is acknowledged. Relationships grow stronger, navigating the difficult roads together.

New life is born by going through uncomfortable waters. 

Working through discomfort is where you’ll find your strength and it’ll remind you that you have what you need to succeed. 

And hopefully, by being brave enough to face what’s uncomfortable, you’ll give someone else the strength and inspiration to meet their challenges. 

What would happen if next time you’re in an uncomfortable situation, maybe a conversation you need to have, a new workout, a new foods, or a new city, choose to walk and grow through it? 

Often what we avoid because we are scared of the discomfort it might cause is usually a lot easier than we imagined. 

Often doing the uncomfortable work is easier than thinking about it and how hard it will be. 

Face your uncomfortable to give yourself freedom to grow into what’s next. 

You got this! 

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