To My Daughters, This is How You Make Cool Things Happen…

One month into school, I find myself reminding my girls how amazing they are, especially as other voices begin telling them otherwise. 

I want them to know they’re special, made with a unique purpose, and unbelievably extraordinary. I’m sure you feel the same about your kids. 

However, in my efforts to build strong and confident girls, I also don’t want them wearing rainbow glasses with built-in blinders. It’s important they keep their eyes open and see YOUR amazing, special, and extraordinary kid. 

The magic of making cool things happens by embracing everyone.

As my girls start a new school year, I want to tell them that they are amazing, unique, and extraordinary…just like the other kids. 

If you feel the same, feel free to copy, personalize, and share this letter below with the extraordinary human you’re raising. 

Dear Lucy & Mattie,

When you were sent to us, we knew you were our special gift. 

As you enter a new school year, I want you to know how amazing you are and the things that make you stand out will be different from the other kids in your class. 

But there’s more, the other kids in your class – actually in this world – are also amazing, unique, and extraordinary. 

Everyone has something special to share. The other kids’ parents were sent their own special child, who may seem different than yourself.

This is how it is supposed to be.

If we were all the same, think about how boring the days would be?

Can you imagine if every mom was like me? In some ways, it’d be kinda awesome, but seriously – think about all that would be forgotten? Do I even need to bring up the clumsy nickname you’ve crowned me with? Okay, stop laughing, I guess it’d be kinda funny if all the other moms were as clumsy as me…at least for a little bit, then it’d get old. 

The thing is, you’re going to meet people that are different from you. 

Besides the noticeable differences in skin, hair, and eye color – there will be many things that set you apart. Some will be taller, some will be shorter. Some may appear thinner, stronger, or thicker than you. Some will run fast, while others read even faster. You’ll find that other kids talk, walk, dance, dress, and pray differently from you.

These characteristics are what make each of you extraordinary.

Instead of trying to change yourself and fit in with the others, I pray you to have the confidence to share what makes YOU special.

Share your smile and goofy laugh, your compassionate heart, and love for others. Let others hear your creative thoughts and take the time to listen to their ideas. Use your tall body and long limbs to help someone who cannot reach as high or run as far as you can. Work together to create something really cool.

Keep your eyes open to see what makes other people extraordinary.

Instead of excluding or making fun of someone because they’re different, find what’s unique, and celebrate their amazingness.

Invite others to join your circle and never lock the door. 

When you begin to celebrate your differences, I promise that’s when really cool things happen.



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