Different Shoes

we're not the same

No one in this world has walked the same professional or personal path as you have.

What you’ve learned in the sunshine and dark night, under the stars, and through the storms is what makes you unique. That moment you’ve seen the sun peak through the clouds and the rainbow appears; that’s your gift to share.

Let your path inspire hope in others.

Start working towards that goal you want to achieve.

Say yes to the things that scare you!

When self-doubt wants to creep and “Negative Nelly” begins telling you why you can’t do it, remember, you were designed with a purpose.

There isn’t anyone who has the same gifts and talents like you, nor has anyone had the same life experiences.

The world needs YOU.

As we begin a new week, remember to stand tall, do the work, trust the process, and watch what you are working on unfold.

Keep going. Keep sharing. Keep believing.

And if you’re tired, rest, but don’t give up.

You got this!

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