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Start Somewhere

Today my kids begin their first day of school. There are all sorts of emotions going through me, as I know this year is going to be unlike any other. Still, it’s time for my kids to go back. 

We gotta start somewhere. 

It’s not going to be perfect. The plans, protocols, and procedures established will change. I know this. The faculty and staff know this. Many of the kids know this. 

Yet still, we must begin. 

Starting here is the first step my kids and family will take in moving forward in our new normal. As we begin, we’ll learn what needs to be modified to grow and evolve, not only during this time but for years to come. 

This post isn’t about whether your school should start or not. That’s only a decision your school, community, and family can make. This is about starting somewhere. 

To grow and evolve in our mind, body, business, and beyond, we gotta start somewhere. 

Taking the first step can be scary. There are so many unknowns. It means we’re saying yes to the possibility that things might not work out. However, this is only one way to look at it. 

What if you decided to take the first step, not because you knew it was going to work out perfectly, but because you knew the first step is needed to guide the next? 

Decide to take your first step so you can learn from where it takes you. Understand that your perfect plan will need to be modified – and that’s OK. 

Take the first step because you know it’s time to move forward. 

What step will you take today?

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