After years of privately journaling prayers for strength, clarity, and thanksgiving for my life’s purpose, it’s time to start sharing these prayers with you. 

Soul Food is my collection of respectful prayers, devotions, and thoughts on living a healthy life that I’ve been privately writing for the past decade.

You see, the term “healthy life” is tossed around so loosely that sometimes I forget what it even means. Can you relate?

From the day I became aware my body was ‘different’ than others, I’ve been striving to ‘be healthier.’ While I don’t remember what triggered me to know I was “different” in physical shape and size than other girls my age, I do know I was younger than my 7-year-old daughter is today.

Sharing this and thinking about the years of wasted energy-focused physical flaws and imperfections makes me sad and angry. 

Yet it also gives me hope.

I know my struggle, the internal battle of self loathe and destruction, the one I fought both privately and with support of others, was not without a reason or purpose. 

My journey, which has included meeting you, working with you, learning from you, and listening to you, has shown me how perfectly imperfect we are. And if there’s one thing this Louisiana girl knows, the perfectly imperfect things are what make the most delicious gumbos & glorious pieces of art. 

If you’re striving to create a healthier, fuller, more vibrant, and purposeful life, I invite you to join my Soul Food community. 

If you’re thinking, I don’t have time to read one more email; I get it. 

Trust me. I’m in a season of life where it’s a little crazy to be adding anything else to my to-do list. 

He keeps asking me.

He’s been asking me to do this for at least ten years, and I’ve continued to tell Him “I don’t have time” or “When my children are in school full time,” and then I promised, “When I’m 40.” (Because I naively thought this number would bring more time and space.)

Guess what? Spoiler alert, I’m not hiding my age.

And nope, I don’t magically have more time or space. 

But I have clarity that His ask of me is real.  

I figured I need to let Him know I’m trying to listen. 

He’s promised He’ll give me the time, energy, and words to keep it going. All I have to do is show up and trust that He’s got this.

He’s got us. 

Today I’m inviting you to indulge in a little Soul Food.

While I don’t fully know where this journey will take us, I know these words will nourish the soul and re-energize the spirit. This won’t be your typical devotional, but it will be just what you need, arriving in your inbox when you least expect it.

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