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Written for Laura, I client I worked with years ago and who made so many positive health and lifestyle changes.

She married a wonderful loving husband and they were blessed with 2 beautiful babies. But those babies meant she also gained a little weight and life was different. She was stressed about how she was going to handle the holiday season and the concerns about food, weight, and body image started to take over.

This is the story behind ENJOY.

The holidays are about learning to enjoy the season and all that it offers. When we enjoy food that nourishes the body, we shift away from food shaming or calorie counting. With we remind ourselves to enjoy the time with family and friends, we pull back into the present moments instead of racing ahead of all there is to do.

When we enjoy the season and all that it is we laugh and love more. We are more forgiving, more understanding and ultimately, we find more JOY in the everyday moments.

The holiday line of cards are designed to be customized for nutrition, health, and wellness professionals with signature and logo

Includes 20, 5×7 personalized cards with envelopes.

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