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  • INDULGE 6 Week Holiday Self-Care Challenge


    Are the holidays often a whirlwind of indulgence, leaving you feeling drained and exhausted? This year, embrace a different kind of indulgence with our exclusive 6-week holiday challenge, “INDULGE.” 

    Program runs from December 4th – January 12th, designed to bring you through the holiday season and into 2024 feeling healthy and strong!

    Here’s what you’ll experience during this transformative journey:

    • Learn the fundamentals of mindful eating, and practice being present during meals while understanding your body’s hunger and fullness cues
    • Discover how to balance your meals for increased energy and mental clarity while making empowered food choices for a vibrant season
    • Uncover the triggers behind emotional eating and develop strategies to manage stress and emotions
    • Build a sustainable, active routine while Incorporating joyful movement into your daily life.
    • Embrace mindful eating as a lifestyle as you unlock your body’s wisdom and learn how to honor cravings
    • Break free from dieting and food rules
    • Join our supportive community for continued growth
    What’s Included:
    • Nutrition Coaching Mini Session
    • Live Virtual Group Coaching Sessions
    • Access to a Private Online Community
    • Nutrition resources and recipes
    • Weekly guided lessons and activities
    • Bonus Indulgences

    Worried about the time commitment? This program is created for busy people who don’t have time for another meeting, but also want support and a jump start on their 2024 health and wellness goals.

    Indulge yourself this holiday season and discover the joy of self-care. Immerse yourself in mindful meditation and surround yourself with a supportive and encouraging community. Together, we’ll help you emerge from the holidays feeling healthy, strong, and revitalized.

  • Indulge Postcard


    Indulge in the gifts of life 1 pack has 10 postcards without envelopes.