Even Superwoman Needs to Take It Off…

This post isn’t for Superwoman – it’s for the rest of us.

This is for those of us who not only admire but are also inspired by Superwoman.

Before going any further, who’s Superwoman?

She’s the woman battling cancer who’s just returned from treatment, still sharing her radiant smile.

She’s the mom raising a special needs child and fiercely fighting for him every step of the way.

She’s the strong friend who just had major surgery, and yet she continues to infect others with her positive energy.

She’s the career mom, who’s about to make partner, yet silently she craves to be home with her babies.

She’s the friend, who’s lost a child, yet finds the strength to keep going.

She’s the single mom doing a stellar job of raising her kids and balancing work.

She’s the stay at home mom who’s made the bold and brave decision to launch her online business.

She’s the grandmother who continues to share her time and energy with her grandchildren, children, husband, friends, and those in need…even though you know, she’s exhausted.

She’s the woman who continues to show up on the hardest of days, and just when you think she’s about to crash, she reveals another superpower.

Who’s Superwoman?

We all know her.

We all admire her.

We are curious as to why her superpowers seem different than ours.

While you would probably never claim to be Superwoman, I bet every you have your own superhero cape stashed away somewhere.

Here’s the thing, this isn’t for Superwoman, and it’s certainly not a post about what she’s doing right or wrong.

This is a reminder that even Superwoman needs to send her cape to the cleaner every now and then.

And as her admirer, I could offer to lighten her load and take it for her. I could let Superwoman know she doesn’t have to do it all alone.

I can remind her it’s important to rest, and it’s okay to do nothing. I can lend her my ear and shoulder to lean on. I can bring her tissue as she shares her tears.

The thing I don’t want to do is make Superwoman feel guilt or shame for letting her superpowers rest.

And therefore, when I begin to see signs of her struggling to keep her cape intact, I can be extra mindful of what I do and say.

I can offer to take her cape to the cleaners.

I don’t want Superwoman to feel weighed down by the expectations of the world or the heaviness of her cape.

I want her to know, even Superwoman needs to send her cape to the cleaners every now and then.

I want her to know cape or no cape, I think she’s perfect.

Maybe at that moment, we become the Superwoman our hero needed for the day.

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