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Chasing the Carrot…

This post was inspired by a recent conversation with a client  –

Chasing the carrot!

A conversation between myself and client…

Me:  “You manage a business, right?”
Client:  “Yes”

Me:  “You track and monitor the progress of your business on a regular basis, right?”
Client:  “Yes, all day long, that is about all I do.”

Me:  “Do you use one report/number to track everything?  Or do you use multiple reports to assess if your business is going in the right direction.”

Client:  “Well – I would never use just one report – that does not give the full picture.  Of course, I use multiple reports to assess the health of the business.”

Me:  “So why do you think when it comes to your personal health and weight loss goals you can just use ONE report to tell you how you are doing (i.e. in this case the scale.)?”
Client:  “Oh…I see what you mean.”

You see, we have been marketed to by the weight loss and diet industry (think Biggest Loser) – that the scale is the only thing that will tell us how our “diet” has been going.  And this is sooo not true!!

If we approached our weight loss plan the same way we would go about approaching a successful business plan then I guarantee our view on our health “success” would change!

Here are a few other similarities between losing weight and running a successful business – some that I have learned from my clients and some that I have learned myself 🙂

Set a goal, write it down and put in a place where you can view it every day. In the business world, you are taught to set tangible financial and or sales goals.  The same is true weight loss, every week you need to set tangible goals – these goals can be fitness goals, nutrition goals, spiritual goals.  But they need to be tangible and they need to be tracked to see if you were able to reach those goals or not.

Build a team and surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. A successful business is very rarely (if ever) built by one person.  Weight loss is very rarely done alone.  Enlist the support of others.  Tell your family and friends what you are trying to do.  Reach out for support from trained professionals such as a registered dietitian and personal trainer.  Enlist in programs that will keep you inspired and accountable to reach your goals (one of the reasons I created my online coaching program)?

Monitor progress on a regular basis and use multiple tools/reports to track how things are going. Remember the value in using a variety of tools to monitor progress/success – the scale is just ONE tool.  Also use measurements, body fat, clothing size, blood lipid profile, as well as your own assessment of your energy and how you overall feel!

“Get Rich Quick” and “Lose Weight Fast” plans do exist – but they come with a price! Often times the “get rich quick” plans involve sacrificing your integrity, values, and family and when it comes to weight loss the “lose weight fast” plans often compromise your health as well as put you at risk for serious side effects.  The “quick fixes” are not long-term solutions – for either your health or your business :).

Find a plan that you believe in and fits with your personal goals, lifestyle, and values – and STAY WITH IT. All too often I see people jumping from one weight loss plan to the next trying to find that “quick fix” when in reality the current plan is a really good one.  The jumping around from “plan to plan” or in business “idea to idea” will lead anyone confused and spinning their wheels in place rather than moving forward and closer to the ultimate goal!

Listen to your “GUT” – for both weight loss and business. Working for myself my “gut” (aka intuition) does try to guide me – but it is up to me to listen!  If my “gut” is uneasy then the decision I am pondering is not right for myself or my business – (you know that “sick to your stomach feel” that comes not from food!)   Well the same principles apply to nutrition and weight loss – if your “gut” is uneasy (gassy, bloated, hungry, full, etc ) then it is talking to you that what you are eating (or not eating) is not right for you! Listen to your inner intuition – it will guide you 🙂

Anything worth achieving takes time. Sometimes this is a hard one to swallow – be in in the weight loss or the business world time is the one thing we all seem to want more of and we don’t want to wait for anything.  We want instant gratification.  Instant success!  But remember, patience is a virtue.  If you know you are doing the right steps to reach your goals and you are putting in “the work” every day – then give it time – and I know you will succeed!

Remember “an overnight success is really 10 years in the making”   I am not saying at all that your weight loss goals have to take 10 years to happen – but I am saying that it will take time – especially if you have a lot to lose.  Be patient with yourself.  Enjoy the process and have a little fun along the way.

Reward your progress – celebrate your success!
In the business world, we get or give “bonuses” for a job well done.  Take the same approach with your weight loss goals. I personally just treated myself to a shirt I have been eying as one of my “post-baby weight loss treats” – I had set the goal and today was the day I could reward my progress!

Share with me how you plan to implement some of these business strategies for success into your weight loss plan!

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