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Better Than Another Diet?

As we embark upon another year, many women find themselves searching for the "perfect diet." Let’s face it, the dieting industry has got our number. Each year another diet is presented to us in a ... READ the POST

When You Make a Crappy Comment

There are times in our life when we are more vulnerable to spitting out a crappy comment than others. No matter nice you are, how much you love Jesus, or how much you believe in love, kindness, ... READ the POST

Thanks for This Perfectly Imperfect Body

November is a time when us moms try to practice and preach the importance of giving thanks and having gratitude. But when it comes to ourselves, do we really slow down and give intentional thanks ... READ the POST

Why I Don’t Have Time for Girl Scouts…

I don’t have time for Girl Scouts … and it has nothing to do with the cookies or badges. I’ve been my daughter’s troop leader for the past six years and as much as I wish to say that I’ve been the ... READ the POST

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